Enterprise Resource Planning

Imagine a world where your financials, inventory, and customer data are all seamlessly connected. Imagine making faster, smarter decisions with real-time insights. STAWI ERP makes it a reality, empowering your business for growth.

Features of Stawi ERP For SMES

Stawi ERP for SMEs is a comprehensive enterprise resource planning solution tailored to meet the unique needs and challenges of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Packed with features designed to streamline business operations, enhance efficiency, and drive growth, Stawi ERP empowers SMEs to thrive in today’s competitive marketplace. Here are some key features:

Cloud-based Affordability and Ease

Stawi ERP operates on the cloud, saving costs and ensuring easy deployment and updates.

Scalability for Growth

Stawi ERP adapts seamlessly to your business growth, accommodating changing needs without disruption.

Mobile Accessibility

Access Stawi ERP from anywhere using smartphones or tablets, enhancing flexibility and productivity.

Localized Compliance

Tailored to meet Kenyan regulations and currency needs, ensuring compliance and accurate financial management.

Unlock Growth Potential

Empower your business with Stawi ERP: Cloud-based, Mobile-ready, and Localized for Kenyan businesses.

Benefits of Stawi ERP

Your Business can reap significant benefits from implementing our STAWI ERP like;

Improved Efficiency and Productivity

  • Streamlined Operations: integrates various departments like finance, inventory, and sales into one system and eliminate data silos, reduces manual tasks, and improves overall workflow.
  • Enhanced Decision-Making: Real-time data from all departments will allow you to make informed decision.
  • Better Inventory Management

  • Accurate Stock Levels: Track inventory levels across locations in real-time, preventing stockouts and overstocking. This optimizes ordering, reduces waste, and improves cash flow.
  • Improved Production Planning: With accurate inventory data, Your business can plan production effectively, ensuring timely delivery of goods and minimizing production delays.
  • Enhanced Customer Service:

  • Centralized Customer Data: STAWI ERP stores all customer information in one place. This allows for better customer service by providing a 360-degree view of customer interactions and purchase history.
  • Faster Order Fulfillment: With integrated inventory and order management, your business can fulfill customer orders faster and more accurately, leading to higher customer satisfaction.
  • Industry-Specific Benefits

  • Manufacturing: Manage production schedules, track materials usage, and optimize production processes for better efficiency and cost control.
  • Retail: Optimize stock levels based on sales data, manage loyalty programs, and improve point-of-sale operations for a smoother customer experience.
  • Agriculture: Track crop yields, manage logistics and distribution, and streamline financial processes specific to agricultural businesses.
  • Scalability

    The STAWI Cloud-based ERPs are scalable, allowing SMEs to add features and functionality as their business grows.

    Improved Collaboration

    STAWI ERP systems foster better collaboration between departments by providing a central platform for communication and data sharing.


    STAWI ERP system can help with regulatory compliance by automating tasks and generating reports that meet Kenyan tax and accounting standards.

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